Why you’ll love it

It’s the fastest way to workout. You’ll get the same results in a 20-minute session as you traditionally would in 4 hours of regular training. This makes it ideal for busy people who want to maintain or increase their fitness.

EMS is perfect for you if you’re…

  • A busy parent wanting to maintain fitness
  • Looking to achieve the next level in sculpting
  • Recovering from an injury
  • Intimidated by traditional gym settings
  • Finding it hard to stick to your current fitness regime
  • Just a fan of EMS training.
A personal trainer will guide you through your whole session. This is Monica adjusting the straps of a body suit.

A safe way to train

Miha Bodytec offers spectacular results in minimal time thanks to a combination of electrostimulation and high-intensity training. All sessions are fully supervised by fully qualified personal trainers who have undergone training with Miha Bodytec. They will adapt your training to your fitness level.

J’M Tonic recommends 1 to 2 sessions per week in its Manly studio to achieve optimal results. After just a few sessions, you should enjoy:

  • Weight loss
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Improved blood circulation
  • A firmer body and toned muscles
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Reduced back pain through focused strengthening
  • Overall improvement in physical and athletic performance
  • Increased metabolism
  • Better mobility and well-being

What you should expect from J’M Tonic

The benefits of Miha Bodytec training by J’M Tonic

1 session
  • Improved blood circulation and venous return
  • Better recovery after effort
  • Good muscle fatigue and energy gain
  • An impression of being better
3 to 4 weeks
  • Faster recovery and better mobility following injury
  • Decrease in knee osteoarthritis pain and pain in low back pain
  • More firm muscles without volume, a more toned body and a more refined silhouette
8 weeks
  • Weight loss: the results are visible in just a few sessions
  • Reduced pain: used by physiotherapists and sports doctors, Miha Bodytec relieves back pain
  • Increase performance (strength, endurance …): With this cardio training, you boost your performance. High level athletes train with Miha bodytec to optimize results!
  • A more drawn body, more powerful muscles (with scientific study), better sportsperformances, a reboosted mindset …
  • Strength and endurance gain