Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Single Session
20 minute high intensity EMS training
3 minutes cardio (optional)
3 minutes EMS massage (optional)
?‍♀️ 1-on-1 attention from Personal Trainer
?️‍♀️ Similar effect to 4 hours at the gym
Discovery Pack
Three session introduction offer for new members
1x Session Subscription
One session per week, every week.
You can cancel any time after 5 weeks
You can reschedule up to 12 hours before
You can pause the subscription when necessary
$69 per week
2x Session Subscription
Two sessions per week, every week
Same conditions as 1x subscription
$109 per week
10 Pack
10 pre-paid sessions
20 Pack
20 pre-paid sessions
Regular 12 months
Two sessions per week, 12 months subscription
$89 per week
Miha Bodytech Suit
The only equipment you need
Massage by Isabella
One hour massage